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Chatterbox: A chat with The Saponifist

A lot of thought goes into the product display. Photo credit: The Saponifist

Appreciation for well-made products of reminiscent of the good ol’ days is on the rise. There is an unmistakable charm that quality, handmade goods have that mass-produced products are unable to replicate. So what happens when classic Victorian elegance meets a bold, modern-day entrepreneur? We sat down with a virtual cup of tea and some imaginary scones to find out what makes The Saponifist unique …

Chatterbox: A chat with BeGood


There are businesses that start with a business plan; and there are those that just spring from the heart. BeGood is one of the latter. We caught up with James Wong, the man behind this upcoming skincare brand and asked him to share a thing or two about his entrepreneurial journey.   What inspired you to start your own business? I didn’t set out to …