Pocketbook powers mobile commerce at The Maker’s Market

The Maker’s Market

Passionate people are the ones who change the world. They are always looking for creative solutions to everyday problems. So when we received the green light to partner with The Maker’s Market, we jumped at the opportunity to share Pocketbook’s mobile commerce capabilities with some of Malaysia’s most passionate and creative entrepreneurs.

With early-bird access to the Pocketbook app, vendors at The Maker’s Market were able to:

  1. Record cash sales, accept card payments or online bank transfers.
  2. Generate digital receipts on the spot.
  3. Collect customer preferences easily through a built-in feedback mechanism.
  4. Track what’s been sold online and offline through a centralised system.

So, did they enjoy using the app as much as we enjoyed making it? Read on to find out.


Mutiara Figs Garden

Aliyaa Suraiya, Ilani Hana Masturah and Mohamed Fariz - younger generation in the family business

Aliyaa Suraiya, Ilani Hana Masturah and Mohamed Fariz – younger generation in the family business

We love how the family of architects behind this fast-growing business is sharing the nutritional benefits of figs through high-quality products. From teas to creative hantaran gift packages, they are always innovating and looking at how to serve their customers better. We think they are doing a great job but what did they think about us?

“We liked that Pocketbook lets us accept PayPal, card or online debit transfer on the spot when the customer runs out of cash at the bazaar or at our garden in Shah Alam.”– Mutiara Figs Garden

Well, we’re just as glad that no one will have to go without the goodness of figs just because they haven’t got enough cash on hand.


Barkery Oven

Chui Shia with her labour of love

Chui Shia with her labour of love

Wheat Free Carrot Biscotti

Wheat Free Carrot Biscotti

Wheat Free Pumpkin Pawffins

Wheat Free Pumpkin Pawffins

Chui Shia started Barkery Oven when she couldn’t find any trusted options on the market for her own pet. Regular product recalls and poor quality ingredients used in most pet treats have led her to baking homemade treats instead. She believes that just like people, pets deserve healthy snacks too. Will using Pocketbook help her get tasty and nutritious pet treats to more furkids on the planet? Here’s what she said:

“I’ve been looking for an inventory tracking system especially for bazaars. Right now I keep track of sales in a notebook so it’s great that I can capture sales and manage my inventory on my mobile with Pocketbook. Also, being able to retain my customers’ data helps me serve my regulars better.”


Carver’s Homemade Nut Butters

We are going nuts for these quality nut butters

We are going nuts for these quality nut butters

Founders, Adrian and Felicia, decided to make these delicious jars of nutty goodness because they weren’t comfortable with the amount of preservatives and additives found in the usual store-bought spreads. Although they are based in Penang, the enterprising duo are considering making fortnightly delivery trips to KL if there are enough orders. Well, can Pocketbook help them achieve that goal? Here’s what they had to say:

“We particularly liked the secure integrated payment gateway since we currently do not accept online payments on our website. This feature will definitely help us manage our day-to-day operations more efficiently.”

Delicious! We are certainly more than happy to support their mission in spreading healthier breakfast options to all Malaysians, one jar at a time.

We couldn’t catch up with all the vendors but we look forward to helping more businesses fulfil their potential through Pocketbook and other innovative ecommerce solutions. If you think Pocketbook could be the platform you’ve been looking for, download the Pocketbook app now and give it try!


Passionate people are the ones who change the world. They are always looking for creative solutions to everyday…

Posted by Shoppertise on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


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