Introducing Shoppertise

Shoppertise revolutionises the whole experience of online selling

Shoppertise revolutionise the whole experience of online selling

It’s a big day for us.  After almost 4 months of tinkering, sketching, tweaking, refining, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to launch Shoppertise to the world.  A couple of words spring to mind: perseverance, gratitude, and accomplishment.

Shoppertise is a cloud-based, mobile commerce platform that lets anyone browse, shop or sell online – easily and professionally.  The solution transforms a mobile device into a tool that enable small and medium businesses to connect and showcase their unique goods with online consumers via their existing presence on the web in just 3 easy steps: Snap, Share and Sell.

Back in the studio, we worked hard to conceive, build and market Shoppertise.  We think the freedom and opportunity for anyone to run their own businesses should be available at a cost close to zero.

Our goal was to build a mobile-friendly platform that would allow small and medium business owners grow, accept online payment and manage their online catalogue more efficiently.

We’re really excited with what’s coming around the corner and looking forward to continuing the journey with you.  If you want to help, try out Shoppertise, give us feedback, and tell others about us!

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Christine Liew is the creative co-founder of Shoppertise. She believes that selling goods online professionally should be as simple as snapping a photo with your smartphone and share it with the world. After more than 10 years of building world-class brands within the digital advertising industry, and refining her business acumen in the exciting world of mobile payment solutions, she is now channeling her knowledge to her passion — supporting and growing small businesses.