Highlights at Vendeur Festival 5.0 MEGA SALE LEBARAN

Vendeur Festival

Vendeur Festival is a quarterly bazaar that has been set up to give local online entrepreneurs an affordable space to sell their merchandise. Its recent instalment that was held on 4th-5th July was themed “Mega Sale Lebaran”. Focusing on food, fashion and fun, it was a massive hit among shoppers who were preparing for Hari Raya. But if you’re still looking for that perfect outfit or just updating your wardrobe, give the following brands a go:


Naelofar Hijab


Looking fashionable and modest at the same time is as easy as picking up an instant shawl at Naelofar Hijab. Although this label only started business last year, its merchandise is currently being sold at over 100 stockists across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. There’s even a flagship store in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur if you want to try before you buy.

Modern hijab designs proved to be a hit with the crowd. Photo credit: Naelofar Hijab

Modern hijab designs proved to be a hit with the crowd.


AQ Songket


The art of handwoven kain songket is a traditional craft that requires patience and years of skillful practice. The team behind AQ Songket sells these intricately woven pieces at a reasonable price so that more people can appreciate their beauty and quality, and pass them on as heirlooms to be cherished by the next generation.

Looking dapper has never been easier. Photo credit: AQ Songket

Looking dapper has never been easier.




With a name that means fairies, it’s no surprise that Pari-pari’s collection has an ethereal flair that would look flattering on anyone. Stock your closet with flowy kaftans, casual shirts or traditional batik prints — all at an affordable price.

Pari-pari's elegant designs on display. Photo credit: Pari-pari

Pari-pari’s elegant designs on display.




One can never have too many shoes, especially if they are as trendy as the ones designed by Leeza Buniran, founder of LERA. These Oxford shoes come in a wide array of colours, with an eclectic mix of fabric and pattern combinations that will have you walking out in style.

Enticing shoppers with a slew of colourful footwear. Photo credit: LERA

Enticing shoppers with a slew of colourful footwear.


CIPTA Ready-To-Wear


Dressing up the little ones isn’t always the easiest thing. But thanks to CIPTA Ready-To-Wear, it can be a whole lot classier. Made with quality material, its designs are charming and pleasing to the eye. After all, children should have the chance to look elegant and fashionable too.

Cheery designs that appeal to little fashionistas. Photo credit: Cipta Ready To Wear

Cheery designs that appeal to little fashionistas.



About Vendeur Festival

Vendeur Festival is a quarterly fair focused on food, fashion and fun, featuring over 200+ vendors. It is managed by VF Resources, an event-based management company.

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