3 reasons why small business owners should accept credit cards

Whether your business is new or you’re planning to accept credit cards when you’re a little more established.  Or you’ve been in business for years and can’t seem to find a good reason you should go changing things now – sticking to traditional forms of payment is tempting for many.

Just imagine – while you’re happily working on your new product design or packing new orders in your comfortable home office, your customer who just placed an order with you is now running out to the nearest bank (hopefully the weather is kind), queuing up for her turn to bank in or deposit cash into your account.  After which she would have to send you a copy of the receipt as a proof of record.

Would be nice if she makes the payment immediately after placing the order.  But it usually takes a day or two before you finally receive the payment confirmation.  Or worse, your customer totally forgot to pay you.

Here are 3 great reasons why you should consider accepting credit cards today:

Online Card Payment

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  1. Your customers will appreciate it
    While your customers may be willing to pay cash or run to the nearest bank, polls are increasingly showing that they want to be able to make an online payment.And why wouldn’t they?  As fewer and fewer people find themselves carrying cash, credit cards becomes an increasingly conveniently way to pay.  It provides your customers with security, reliability, and a monthly record of their transactions.
  1. Your business will grow

    Research shows that accepting credit cards increases the probability, speed and size of customer purchases.  It also lower your risks, and gives you the chance to increase sales by enabling customers to make impulse buys.

  2. It’s super duper easy!

    At Shoppertise, our shopping cart is integrated with PayPal and MOLPay that accept credit cards and online debit.  For every successful transaction, PayPal charges 3.9% + RM2, and MOLPay charges 3% or RM0.60 for any transaction below RM20.00.  And you’ll pay the same fee no matter what credit card you’re processing.  It’s important to note that there are no setup or any other hidden fees.Your customers will be able to pay immediately after placing the order and you can start accepting payments on your mobile devices on the go.

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Christine Liew is the creative co-founder of Shoppertise. She believes that selling goods online professionally should be as simple as snapping a photo with your smartphone and share it with the world. After more than 10 years of building world-class brands within the digital advertising industry, and refining her business acumen in the exciting world of mobile payment solutions, she is now channeling her knowledge to her passion — supporting and growing small businesses.